The Theatre program at VIS is uniquely dedicated to the academic study and practical application of theatre. It provides grades 1-8 with a creative, innovative and challenging curriculum which places a well balanced importance to both process and performance. Instruction entails coaching and lectures in combination with theatre workshop sessions and field trips. All of which offer opportunities for practice, rehearsal and development of approaches and skills in areas such as playwriting, theatre design, improvisation, production, journaling, lighting design, sound design and costume design. In connection to the academic study of theatre, students will engage in a process of performance and create works which enable them to actively practice skills taught in studio classes. These include introductory skills in acting, improvisational skills, theatre games, role play, mask work, creative movement exercises, script analysis (from a variety of sources), characterization, scene building, elementary skills in vocal development, elements of theatrical movement, belief and believability, audience awareness and the development of stage-sense.

    Our Winter Performance is a highlight of every school year. Participation in this musical and theatrical performance provides a grounding in theatre and production over a studentʼs eight years at VIS. Past original performances include: Timber and Volo performed at Daniel’s Spectrum Arts Centre.