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In Visual Arts class, students are encouraged to express their creativity by implementing principles and elements of design through drawings, paintings, three-dimensional works, film making, and photography. Students will expand their skills by experimenting with watercolour, acrylic, collage, charcoal, pastel, sculpture, and pencil media. Students will learn to choose appropriate tools, materials and techniques to create a desired effect. They will be able to explain how concepts of design are used in a work of art to communicate feelings and convey ideas. Throughout the year, students will engage in short studies on benchmark artists that span time, cultures and geography through explorations of their particular genres, styles, and techniques juxtaposed against the environmental, political, and social conditions of the time. Visual Arts will also be an important component of our winter performance and include set design, poster & program designs, and performance related merchandise design.

Creative expression is a part of all inquiry based learning units. During regular art classes, students use the arts to express and respond to their learning. During other learning times, visual media are used in many ways as students present their thinking in visual ways. Our students are exposed to a variety of media in order to help them discover new and creative ways of demonstrating their ideas.

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