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Primary Music

Music is a performance art and music classes at VIS allow all students to be music makers. As their musicianship grows, students develop musical literacy and deepen their understanding of musical concepts and ideas. Rhythm and singing are the basis for the early years music program at VIS and rhythm instruments are used at every level. Students are encouraged to participate collaboratively in performance opportunities, as well as take risks in solo settings.

Junior and Intermediate

Students in grade 4-8 learn ukulele and students who play instruments outside of school (such as piano or guitar) are encouraged to share their knowledge and gifts as part of the music program. Choral singing, ensemble, and performance skills are cultivated throughout the year in class and are integrated into our Winter Performance and other presentation opportunities. The Music Club offers a wonderful opportunity for students to develop their choral skills and their confidence in performing.

Our graduates leave VIS with a love of making and performing music, and have developed the skills to make the most of the music program they will enjoy in high school.

The Arts and Music