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Due to our classes being small, teachers are able to thoroughly address academic strands in core subjects. Academics are taught within a context that fosters higher order skills such as analytical and critical thinking, organization, time management, and the skills needed to learn for life. Personal, local and global issues that impact our students’ lives are explored and integrated into core and non-core subjects. Our aim is to create a program that is challenging, creative, relevant, and which lends a sense of purpose to the task of learning.

Our own site, The Distillery Historic District, with its studios, galleries, theatres and dance companies, provide our young academics and our future leaders with outstanding opportunities to participate in the arts and in other aspects of curriculum. They gain a wealth of information about culture from their surroundings.

In general, we strive to create a learning environment that addresses the needs of the whole student, and from which all students can benefit, regardless of their unique learning styles, intelligences, abilities, and interests. Our academic courses, arts curriculum, sports program, school trips, and the outdoor classroom, are considered equally important components of a well rounded educational experience.

Academic program