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At VIS, we follow the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education and we set the academic bar high, as we believe that this is the way to inspire students to strive for the best. We view each child as a unique individual and as a holistic learner, able to reach their goals based on their own unique strengths. As such, evaluation not only includes academic achievement but also effort and commitment.

We provide Monthly Interim Reports and one Progress Report per term (December, March and June). Progress Reports are detailed descriptions of each child’s progress, while Interim Reports speak to a student’s Learning Skills (organization, listening skills, etc..). Parent-Teacher interviews are held in term one, a Student-Led interview in term two, and ongoing communication occurs throughout the year.

Progress Reports are compartmentalized into specific subjects and into the basic skills covered in each core subject. A detailed description of curriculum content taught in each term is included in the report. Skills are evaluated through letter grades and final grades in each subject are awarded in the form of percentage as specified by the Ontario Curriculum.


Tests and Exams

Tests, quizzes and a variety of informal evaluation strategies are an integral part of our program in each subject. In grades 7 and 8 there are two sets of exams in English, Mathematics, Science, History, Global Studies and French. Each exam session takes place over the course of one week usually in February and June.


For each project, essay and/or assignment, students will be evaluated on various criteria (at the discretion of the teacher and in relation to the assignment) such as content, use of grammar and punctuation, creativity, effort, time management, neatness and organizational skills.

Missed Work

It is the responsibility of each student to make up any missed work caused by absence. If absence is due to illness, extensions will be given (depending on the nature of the illness) and students can negotiate fair ways to make up their work. In most cases, students can call peers to obtain homework assignments and/or notes relating to lessons.