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COVID-19 Procedures & Protocols

VIS follows all Ministry of Health and Education measures for elementary schools in Ontario. We have a detailed operational guidance handbook that outlines all of our COVID procedures and protocols. Please see our Reopening Handbook below:

VIS Reopening Handbook

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

The vaccination status of any staff member, student and/or visitor to the school will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone other than the administration, Ministry of Education or Toronto Public Health to protect confidentiality, medical privacy and to avoid legal repercussions against the school.

However, VIS’ policy is in line with the Ministry of Education’s policy for private schools which is outlined below:

“The Ministry of Education will require all private schools to implement a COVID-19 immunization disclosure policy as an additional tool to advance safety and support local public health units in working with private schools to follow COVID-19 Guidance: School Case, Contact, and Outbreak Management.

 The policy will require that private school employees undertake one of the following:

– Provide proof of full vaccination against COVID-19; or

– Provide a formal/official documented medical reason for not being vaccinated against COVID-19; or

– Participate in an educational program approved by the Ministry of Education.


This approach will also apply to student placements, frequent school visitors (e.g. school nutrition program staff), and other professionals who deliver services in schools. Staff members who are not immunized, including those with medical reasons, will be required to complete COVID-19 antigen testing TWICE weekly as directed in provincial guidance. The means of obtaining, administering, and reporting the test will be communicated solely to the administration and the Ministry of Health. 

For eligible students, our policy is that the vaccination of children from ages 12-19 is at the discretion of the parent to make that medical decision for their child. Therefore, we do not hold vaccination clinics at the school, but respect the decisions of each family in our community, whatever they may be. In any event, we remain committed to maintaining a safe working and learning environment for all of our staff, students and their family members and at all times will take the appropriate steps to promote a healthy environment whereby we can limit the spread of the COVID-19 disease or its variants.