Feeling competent in math is empowering for all students. We strive to foster a positive attitude and confidence as well as higher achievement in math by engaging students in unique strategies that build from year to year.

Implementing an approach known as “Spiraling” means that teachers continually review previously taught material as opposed to teaching a single unit at a time. Consistently reviewing strands allows students to tackle math with confidence as there are ample and regular opportunities to practice their skills all year long!  Strands are expanded upon and deepened with each encounter.  Spiralling the math curriculum also allows students to see connections between strands as they are revisited throughout the year to further solidify their understanding.

Using an instructional platform that focuses on effective ways to consolidate learning while promoting critical thinking in a way that meets the needs of all learners. Presented in the unique VIS style, making relevant, practical, and real-world connections that are concept–based, engaging, and enriching.  Our math curriculum combines hands-on, experiential learning opportunities which empower our students.

The program is designed for students to practice skills and strategies in steps that become incrementally more challenging. This approach, supported by student-centred discovery, immediate feedback and direct instruction, builds a sense of personal achievement and competence. Students gain a deeper conceptual understanding of math and build mental math strategies.  Our program infuses a healthy balance of meaningful numeracy learning, problem solving and the integration of technology.

Students progress knowing the power and purpose of math and how they can use it to better understand and participate in the world around them.