Community Work

    Year after year, our students have shown awareness, concern and the ability to take action and make change. Our Local2Global “sleep at school” fundraiser, supported through pledges, takes place during the spring of each year and is organized by our student body. This approach allows students to research and support two causes (local and global) of their choosing. Collaboration, leadership, a sense of purpose and a strong commitment, has led our Voicers to raise over $300 000 since 2000. Our school’s aim has been to empower people around the world to improve their own lives, and to support organizations that demonstrate commitment to making a difference to people, the environment and animals. We feel privileged to have contributed tools, supplies and funds to the following organizations and communities around the world and in our city.

    Raising the Roof/Youthlink, The Red Door Family Shelter, Free the Children, The Stephen Lewis Foundation, Make a Wish Foundation, Urubamba Children’s Education Project, Kwabiyela Village Relief Project, War Child International, The Weaver of Quenqo Peru, Kiva, and Alma Children’s Education Foundation. — ……”From Project to Story” — ……”the ten alpacas are kind of wild and difficult to round up”

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