Our Alumni

“Where else are all Grade 8’s offered placement in any of the high school of their choosing ? This speaks not only to the academic excellence, but also to the emotional intelligence to which your philosophy embodies. Voice students stand out!” -Kathleen O’Hara, VIS parent.

Our alumni are prepared to meet the academic and social challenges in any secondary school of their choice. As a rule, during their grade eight academic year, they apply to both private and public secondary schools who offer specialty programs most suited to their strengths.

During the course of 15 years, we have seen a history of success for our students, and many parents have told us that their child was prepared and excelling throughout their years in high school. Teachers and administrators in various public and private high schools tell us that VIS prepared them far beyond their expectations. Many of our alumni achieve awards and are seen on honor rolls across many schools. Over ninety percent of our students eventually enter into post secondary institutions, having obtained scholarships at the end of grade twelve. Their success beyond VIS, speaks highly of our academic program and our teacher’s ability to prepare our students in becoming life-long learners and global citizens.