VIS offers a variety of competitive and non-competitive sports for all grades and has been a member of the  S.S.A.F. (Small School Athletic Federation) since September 2002. The S.S.A.F. currently has a membership of over 40 independent schools in the Greater Toronto Area

Our philosophy is to encourage healthy competition and to stress sportspersonship, fellowship, leadership and confidence in relation to sports in general.

Our mandate is to create an inclusive program that fosters an environment that encourages every student to participate in organized sports and to enjoy the inherent physical and social benefits.

For each academic year, we encourage a mandatory involvement in at least one sport.

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Please note: The sports season is subject to change according to S.S.A.F. mandate. Decisions regarding participation in certain available sports vary each year, depending on students’  interests. VIS relies on the support and participation of parents to help make our sports program successful each year.