Healthy Living

VIS’ Healthy Living course is designed to meet the requirements outlined in the Health & Physical Education section of the Ontario Curriculum that are not covered in Phys Ed classes, leaving ample time for sports and athletics.  The Healthy Living course strives to provide the skills needed to develop resilience and a secure identity and sense of self in an age-appropriate environment.  Students will be presented with opportunities to learn adaptive, management, and coping skills, practice communication skills, learn how to build relationships and interact positively with others.  Students will develop an understanding of the factors that contribute to healthy development, a sense of personal responsibility for lifelong health, and an understanding of how to make conscious and informed decisions.  Students will also have opportunities in this course to express thoughts and opinions that arise organically throughout the school year whether they are social, personal, or academic.

Grade 8 students will be able to use some of this class time to receive support in their movement to high school including exploring options and preparing application forms and portfolios.