Debate and Philosophy

Offering Debate/Discussion and Philosophy courses in middle school supports the development of a future generation of critical thinkers who are able to place their own ideas and actions in a context that extends beyond personal experience or self-interest. We believe that this capacity encourages our students to take personal accountability and a leadership role in shaping the world they live in. In debate and philosophy, students discuss and / or participate in seminar activities related to current events and issues, systems of thought from ancient to contemporary, ethical decision-making, aesthetics, environmental, citizenship, justice, and beyond.

Through our Grade 3-7 debate class and Grade 8 philosophy class, our students develop their critical thinking skills, understanding of systems of thought, and capacity to explore and articulate their own values and beliefs. While we infuse issues, awareness of the world around us, and critical thinking into all of our courses, students at VIS are given a unique opportunity to focus on abstract ideas in an engaging, intellectually challenging, and relevant weekly seminar.