History- Grade 7 and 8

Grade 7

In Grade 7, the study of history focuses on the development of Canada from the seventeenth to the early nineteenth century. Students investigate the contributions of significant groups and individuals and develop an understanding of Canada’s European roots. They study the early settlements of North America and their impact on the First Nation peoples and on English- French relations. They examine the economic, social, and political challenges facing New France and British North America, as well as the course of conflict and change in the two colonies that culminated in the rebellions of 1837–38. Emphasis is placed on the development of critical thinking skills, including the ability to examine issues from more than one point of view. (Based on the Ontario Curriculum)

Grade 8

In Grade 8, students develop an understanding of events in Canada from the 1850s to 1914 and the events leading up to the beginning of the First World War. They investigate the formation of the Canadian nation and its subsequent expansion. They also examine some of the individuals, groups, and movements promoting political and social change in the early twentieth century. (Based on the Ontario Curriculum)

Approaches to History

The past however, will not be seen as disconnected from the present, nor will the present be seen as irrelevant to the future. The goal will be to gain understanding and to analyze Ontario’s and Quebec’s historical development not only through the tools listed above, but also through present data found in these provinces. Thus, an understanding of our current conditions (social, economic, environmental and political) will lead students to uncover the past, envision probable and preferred futures, and formulate ways of becoming ‘change agents’ to create better possibilities for our community in years to come.

Methods of Study

  • Students are provided with a structured learning environment which supports individual academic achievement coupled with an appreciation of the learning process.

  • Organizational skill building, study skills and test-writing skills are a major focus in this class in order to prepare students for the satisfaction and accountability of independent learning.

  • Lecture (encouraging listening skills, note taking skills, inquiry skills, discussion and debate)

  • Independent Study

  • Group Work

  • Debates, discussions, presentations and experimental activities (theatre) will be an integral part of historical study.

  • Instruction performed in role and historical research performed in reenactments