Our classes are small on purpose.  This allows teachers to thoroughly address academic strands in all subjects. Academics are taught within a context that fosters higher order skills such as analytical and critical thinking, organization, time management and the skills needed to learn for life. Personal, local and global issues that impact our students’ lives are explored and integrated into classes. Our aim is to create a program that is challenging, creative, and relevant.

We strive to create a learning environment that addresses the needs of the whole student, and from which all students can benefit, regardless of their unique learning styles, intelligences and interests. Our academic courses, arts curriculum, sports program, school trips, and the outdoor education, are considered equally important components of a well-rounded educational experience.

Primary – Junior – Intermediate

We offer a rigorous academic program which builds on the Ontario Curriculum expectations and infuses Integrative Education approaches into all areas of learning. Students have the opportunity to experience all the same classes as our Intermediate division, with some differences:

  • Students in Primary grades (1-3) have a core teacher and dedicated space for the majority of their academic subjects, along with some rotary classes such as Theatre and Dance.
  • As students advance into the Junior grades (4-6), their participation in our rotary schedule increases.
  • Our French Program begins in grade 1 and our Spanish Program begins in grade 6
  • While philosophical discussions are woven into all classes, our Philosophy Course is part of our grade 8 program only.
  • Students in grades 1-7 have a dedicated Debate and/or Life Skills class once a week.
  • Students in grade 1-6 have recess in the morning and a supervised lunch /afternoon recess.
  • Overnight trips begin in the Junior grades.
  • Extra-curricular sports are scheduled based on SSAF availability