Financial Assistance

The Voice Integrative School Association is proud to be able to provide financial assistance through bursaries. Our objective is to provide support to existing and prospective VIS families to enable them to take part in the VIS experience and become active members of the school community. VIS promotes a sense of belonging, strives toward high expectations, respects each child’s voice, and celebrates personal achievements.


  • The primary responsibility for payment of all fees rests with the student’s family. Bursaries are based on financial need and are given to students in order to assist their parents in paying tuition.  Bursaries are offered at the sole and absolute discretion of the Voice Association Board of Directors.
  • Academic excellence is not a requirement for the awarding of financial assistance, but students are expected to maintain good academic standing and to be contributing members of the VIS school community.
  • Renewal of financial assistance is not automatic and families must re-apply annually to be considered.
  • Financial aid is given directly to the student by cheque, and then remitted to the school in the form of tuition.
  • Both new and existing families are eligible for financial assistance from the VIS association.
  • The Voice Association will allocate up to 50% of this projected revenue from each school year for the granting of bursaries and scholarships. Projected revenue depends on charitable contributions made to the Association for the coming year.
  • The amount of each bursary awarded to each applicant is decided by the Voice Association in consultation with the School Principal. Bursaries may be of unequal amounts.
  • To make the application evaluation process as fair and balanced as possible, we have decided to use a recognized and well established third party bursary and financial assistance provider, Apple Financial.
  • Interested families of existing and prospective students are requested to complete the Financial Assistance for Canadian Students form, which is independently managed through Apple Financial Services. Applications should be made by April 30th. The application form and further information can be obtained from the Apple Financial Services website.
  • The bursary decision is communicated by letter to the applicant’s family.

For more information, please click here: VIS Financial Assistance – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)