Teacher Education

During the past thirteen years, VIS has been at the forefront of pre-service teacher education and professional development. Voice Integrative School’s philosophy provides an ideal environment for student teachers from local universities to engage in educational research, undergo practicum placements, and develop cutting-edge ideas as well as practical teaching strategies and tools.

As a laboratory research school, we currently maintain partnership with OISE, Master of Teaching Program at University of Toronto.

In recent years, VIS had also facilitated practicum placements and research opportunities to teacher candidates from YorkU, Faculty of Education, and has given seminars and tours to visiting teachers from around the world.

From Dr. Susan Schwartz

As Faculty Advisor with the 2-year Master of Teaching Program, OISE, University of Toronto, I feel fortunate to be supervising teacher candidates in this role at Voice Integrative School for the past seven years. I find VIS to be one of the most welcoming, engaging, and inspiring school environments – definitely one of my favourite schools and a highlight for me during the two month-long practice teaching blocks each year. Because of the exemplary leadership and teachers at VIS, our teacher candidates, who might spend one or more practicum blocks out of four at VIS, blossom into confident teachers and leaders. They always return from their teaching at VIS with greater depth of knowledge and many insights about teaching and learning, and they are often enthusiastic about continuing to work in this dynamic environment. In fact, over the years, a number of stellar teacher graduates have started their careers as teachers at VIS, including three who are currently there – Kelsey Patton and Amanda Merpaw and Jenny Isaacs.

As a laboratory research school, VIS offers our teacher education program a warm, open, and flexible environment in which to see exciting and current educational initiatives in action, such as global education and the arts, issues-based literacy, mathematics, and science, current events and history coming to life through drama, critical thinking, media and technology, student-led conferencing, e-portfolios, and reflective practice. This year, a new professional development opportunity is in the planning stages. We at OISE are excited about the valued mentorship and rich teaching and learning experiences that our teacher candidates gain at VIS!

Thank you to Principal Marie Lardino and to the staff at VIS for your passion and commitment to education, and for your strong support of our teacher education program and partnership!




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