VIS’ learning environment promotes a sense of belonging, strives toward high expectations, respects each child’s voice, and celebrates his/her achievements. Our program provides an alternative because it is balanced as such:

  • It provides rigorous academics in small classes.
  • It makes the Ontario Curriculum meaningful through the integration of personal, local and global issues.
  • It offers a strong sports program and an innovative performing arts curriculum.
  • It encompasses a balance of learner-centered approaches as well as teacher-directed lessons.
  • It provides learners with opportunities to work independently as well as cooperatively.
  • It enables students to develop strong skills in reading, writing and mathematics, and places importance on higher order skills such as critical and analytical thinking, problem solving, cooperation, time management and organization.
  • It focuses on specific subjects, (i.e., Mathematics, English, French, Spanish, Global Studies, History, Health, Science, Philosophy, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Theatre, Dance and Music), yet facilitates the integration of curriculum areas to help students make vital connections.
  • It explores many perspectives and values the perspective of each child.
  • It draws from the past, investigates the present and inspires students to envision and strive for possible and preferred futures.
  • It embraces teacher-directed evaluation and expects self-evaluation from each student.
  • It is a democratic environment where children can feel safe from bullying and free of exclusion.
  • It is an environment of ‘rights and responsibilities’ with a strict demand for self respect, respect for others and respect for the environment.
  • It is the perfect balance of learning and teaching approaches intended to reach the “head” as well as the “heart” of each learner.

Marie Lardino B.A, B.Ed, M.Ed., Ed. Admin.Principal – V.I.S