Voice Integrative School:

  • delivers rigorous academics in small classes.
  • makes the Ontario Curriculum meaningful through the infusion and integration of personal, local and global issues.
  • offers a strong sports program and an innovative performing arts curriculum.
  • encompasses a balance of learner-centered approaches as well as teacher-directed lessons.
  • provides learners with opportunities to work independently as well as cooperatively.
  • enables students to develop strong skills in all core academic subjects.
  • places importance on higher order skills such as critical and analytical thinking, problem solving, cooperation, time management and organization.
  • focuses on specific subjects, (i.e., Mathematics, English, French, Spanish, Global Studies, History, Health, Science, Philosophy, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Theatre, Dance, Music, and Life Skills), yet facilitates cross-curricular integration to help students make vital connections.
  • encourages thinking through diverse perspectives.
  • draws from the past, investigates the present and inspires students to envision and strive for possible and preferred futures.
  • embraces teacher-directed evaluation and expects self-evaluation and self-reflection from each student.
  • is a democratic environment where children can feel safe from bullying and free from exclusion.
  • is an environment of ‘rights and responsibilities’ with a strict demand for self respect, respect for others and respect for the environment.
  • is the perfect balance of learning and teaching approaches intended to reach the “head” as well as the “heart” of each learner.
Marie Lardino B.A, B.Ed, M.Ed., Ed. Admin., Director – V.I.S