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    Welcome to VIS

    Voice Integrative School was founded by educator Marie Lardino in 2000 to break ground with global education original theory, and to test the theory on a school-wide level. However, throughout the years, the practice of global education at Voice Integrative School has undergone its own evolution to become what our teachers, students, and parent community view as a holistic, all-encompassing, and integrative education for students in grades 1 through 8.
    It is a non-denominational, co-ed academic school with a charitable arm. It is also a teacher education research school and practicum site for various Faculties of Education. VIS fosters a strong sense of belonging and offers a rigorous academic program based on enhanced Ontario Curriculum expectations that are infused with critical thinking, relevance, and real-life contexts. This includes a strong performing and liberal arts curriculum, as well as a dynamic sports program that are integral to the integrative education model that VIS offers.
    We pride ourselves in a learning environment that promotes academic challenge, personal leadership, responsible citizenship and the skills needed to learn for life.
    Read more about our founder and other change-makers at Our Kids: Making A Difference.
    We are now accepting research applications that reflect academic research in the field of education.  Please contact Principal Jamie Milroy ( jm@voiceintegrative.com ).

    “My son has had the most remarkable and fulfilling year imaginable”                 

    Ilana Landsberg-Lewis, Executive Director, Stephen Lewis Foundation and VIS Parent


    “VIS is education at its best”

    Dr. Esther Sokolov Fine YorkU, Faculty of Ed.


    “One of the most welcoming, engaging, and inspiring school environments”

    Dr. Susan Schwartz OISE UofT, Master of Teaching P

    Voice Integrative School welcomes the sharing of our teaching and learning philosophies developed over many years by our founder, Marie Lardino, and put into practice at Voice Integrative School since 2000.  When sharing or communicating these concepts with others, you are required to credit Voice Integrative School as the source of these methodologies and educational approaches.

     Copyright 2018 Voice Integrative School

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